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Monday is moon day, watery and dreamy

7 days, 7 ways

Flowing with the current of our week

Across traditions, ancient people were deeply attuned to nature and the cosmos. Originating in Ancient Babylon, the" planetary hours" was a system in which one of the seven classical planets (Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Sun) was assigned rulership over a particular day of the week. The sequence, known as the "Chaldean order," is based on the speed of the planets (slowest to fastest) as they appear moving through the night sky.

The name given to each day of the week is as such and translates to numerous other languages: Monday(Moon), Tuesday(Mars), Wednesday (Mercury), Thursday (Jupiter), Friday (Venus), Saturday (Saturn), and Sunday (Sun). By being aware of the particular energetic qualities of each day, we can organize our week to flow in harmonic resonance with the cosmos. Said another way, when you bring what lives within you into alignment with what lives in the outer world, you flow with and not against the stream of life, in line with natural energies that facilitate all of your activities, relationships, health, and inner work.


Alex Olson photographed in the Angeles National Forest, California

Monday is Moon Day, watery and dreamy

Today we are close to all that live on the emotional plane. After the weekend, we reenter our work week under the influence of the realm of feeling, and our emotions are close to the surface. On Monday, we are less filtered by our intellect than on other days. It is a perfect day for journaling, self-care, and looking inward.

We enter Tuesday ready for action

We find ourselves able to confront situations and tasks with more energy. Yang Mars charges us up, activating our courage. We have arrived in the week now, ready to make things happen! It is a great day to do anything you are afraid of doing, something that challenges you or requires going that extra mile. If you have a solid point to make, Tuesday is the best day of the week to make it happen. It's your "I am made to change" day, and with the dynamism of fire, Tuesday gives us the will to go forward. Face the mirror on Tuesday and speak these words to yourself: "Here I am. I am ready for what the world Is asking of me."

We lighten up on Wednesday and get a lot done

Mercury's energy facilitates liveliness, communication, and creating liaisons. It's a great day to tie up loose ends and connect things that want to be connected. We are in the air element and feel light, flexible, and alive with humor. If someone crosses your mind or a person randomly pops into your head, give them a call. More than likely, something interesting will come of it. Connectivity is Wednesday's words; we are reminded that community is like a net. The more dots we connect, the more possibilities enter our lives. We are propelled forward on our life journey by other people.

Thursday is a day of expansion

You can begin to see the bigger picture on Jupiter's day. You may not know how the puzzle pieces fit, but you know more about what you want the picture to look like. You have a sense of your overall aim and can see your projects from above. Big dreams and big ideas start on Thursdays, making it a fantastic day to get more explicit about what you want and what you will need to get there.

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Alex Olson photographed in the Angeles National Forest, California

On Friday, we can slowly relax

It is a day to give, receive, and experience real nurturing, loving care for yourself and those around you. You can be particularly attuned to beauty and feminine energies on this day of Venus. It is a sensual day when opportunities abound to enter the artistic realm, be it art, poetry, design, music, decorating, gardening, or flower arranging. Being in nature can profoundly affect you on Friday, and if you are creative, you may find an extra splash of inspiration.

On Saturday, we come down closer to Earth

Our life memory follows us closely on Saturn's day, and if you find yourself feeling triggered, you may be getting clues as to your life mission or purpose. You can see your challenges as gifts. It is a day to read, learn and understand more. It is the perfect time to read a book on the health of your body, primary sources of spiritual knowledge, or any great work of literature. The point is to take in something of lasting, practical value; that will lead you forward on your life journey.

Sunday is the day of the Sun

 It is a time to be peaceful, aware of where you are within yourself and the different spheres of your life, and attune yourself to something higher. It is a day to be reminded that your prayers and wishes are being heard and that your dreams are being held by something beyond you, in whatever terms you think about that. Your relationship with your higher self is easier to access on Sunday, so try incorporating meditative time into your day. You can do anything you wish on Sunday, but it is particularly fulfilling to do something that holds reverence, for example, spending quality time with your family, friends, or partner.

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Jack Paradise photographed in Malibu, California