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neoNutritions: A three-fold experience


We are an alchemy of ancient philosophies and modern science. We recognize we do not come to this place alone but on the pillars of wisdom found in Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and Anthroposophy*

We recognize, acknowledge, and honor the people, places, and practices that inform this new paradigm of whole, radiant health, transformation, and transcendence.

All we have today is from our ancestors who passed their insights and inspiration through thousands of years so that we humans can harness it today.

It is not about appropriation but regeneration. From the practices that acknowledge a whole approach to health (not merely the symptoms) to the soil cultivated and tended by people and cultures that provide a fertile foundation for our whole-plant formulas, we honor their intention, boldness, and energy by continuing the journey.

* We do not represent or espouse the total range of beliefs or practices from any singular tradition. We neither agree with nor draw influence from the totality of Rudolf Steiner’s opinions and beliefs.


Jack Paradise photographed at Malibu Creek, California


We offer high-vibrational formulas to allow everyone access to a whole-being, radiant life. Our approach is like no other because our foundation is like no other. Harnessing our triangle of ancient wisdom through a tech wellness lens, we offer the formulas, knowledge, and community to live in an expansive state of whole being, replacing stagnation with fluidity, ease over agitation, and inclusivity over exclusion.

It starts with intention. Intention in the seeds we grow to create high-vibrational* nutritional formulas. Intention with the people who carefully care for our formulations, ensuring they hold the most sun energy—delivering powerful plant proteins, probiotics, omega 3, superfruits, adaptogens, algae, supergreens, restorative roots, and enzymes. Intention to engage all our senses to lift our frequency and feel aligned. Intention to connect with ourselves and have that connection radiate out to those around us and the larger world.

What are high-vibrational foods?

All foods, like any living being, as well as having a caloric value also have a vibrational frequency. Everything is energy. This vibrational frequency is their electromagnetic power related to their bio-electricity (this can be compared to the so-called “prana” or vital life force). The higher the photosynthesis through the power of the sunlight, the higher the frequency and vibrational life force. These foods shift our physical body from an acid (or inflammation) state to an alkaline (vibrant) state.


We are made to change. The more energy we build, the more transformation is possible.

For neoNutritions, our energy is focused on sharing the formulas, knowledge, inspiration, and tools that help us foster a future where we can all step into our ultimate selves, allowing limitless possibility for meaningful regeneration. Our formulas will marry modern science with ancient wisdom to create a cosmos of whole health for body, mind, and spirit. Our content will offer wisdom—from ancient teachers to modern-day healers. Our community will be a place where all are welcome to connect and share—ultimately shifting the consciousness of the planet. Our platforms will use technology to help cultivate transformation.

It is a journey, not an instant and we are glad you are here with us.



Fee Steinvorth photographed in Los Angeles, California

our founder

neoNutritions™ was born from a desire to be in service to others to find whole, radiant health. Founder Fee Steinvorth is a seeker, listener, and advocate for the power of transformation to help us live the fullest expression of our individuality. Born into three generations of wise, female spiritual teachers, she knows her work is the result of those that came before—her great-grandmother and grandmother tilling the soil, her mother planting the seeds, then lovingly watering and nurturing the plant until the flower of Fee was in bloom. neo is born from this ancestry and continues the journey of regeneration, transformation, and transcendence.

Being well is a short state of existence. We are an expansive state of whole, radiant health. We are beyond wellness. —Fee, Founder