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As a sacred number, three is a symbol of possibility

The Connection Of Life

neo is born of a triangle of wisdom to enable a high-vibrational existence

An alchemy of ancient philosophies and modern science, neoNutritions recognizes we do not come to this place and time alone but on the pillars of wisdom forged thousands of years ago. We sat down with our Founder, Fee Steinvorth, to dive deeper into the triangle that is the foundation that drives our approach to whole, radiant health today.


It means several things: We are bringing together the oldest and wisest traditions and synthesizing all that knowledge into a workable whole. The three points of this triangle are Ayurveda, Chinese Traditional Medicine (TCM), and Anthroposophy. Why? They all center around our central lifeforce, our "prana," our "chi." This whole approach has been there for five thousand years. Only in the last 120 years have we been taught to treat things with a symptom-based solution. We need to return to this. Our triangle is a symbol of body, mind, and spirit, and we work with the trinities of thinking, feeling, and willingness, or to put it another way, the head, the heart, and the hands.

jeneil on the rocks

Jeneil Williams photographed in the Angeles National Forest, California


Both Ayurveda, beginning in ancient India, and TCM, beginning in ancient China, began orally, long before written language. These teachings came from human beings' closest observations concerning nature and the cosmos. Here, we come to another duality—nature as the microcosm of the cosmic macrocosm. As above, so below. Whatever exists on Earth reflects the cosmos, with human beings as a bridge between the material and spiritual worlds. Here is where Anthroposophy comes in. Rudolf Steiner, who lived around the turn of the 20th century, brought together Eastern and Western thinking, developing an incredibly expansive understanding of humanity's role through history and in the present time. Anthroposophy means "the knowledge of the nature of humanity." I was raised (in Germany) in a family that used many of Steiner's ideas on child development, and my mother, the third generation of women healers, became an anthroposophical physician.


The three wisdom pillars of Ayurveda, TCM, and Anthroposophy fit together very well. Each has its own focus. Ayurveda gives us a vast knowledge of spirit, TMC offers a unique understanding of the body, and Anthroposophy brings in the heart. Of course, all three modalities in and of themselves speak to body, mind, and spirit. But what is at the heart of each of them, individually and collectively, is the flourishing of lifeforce, when energy flows through us, and everything aligns. Foods are the quickest route to activating lifeforce. It is what spurred the creation of neoNutritons.

No one else today is harnessing the wisdom of these three pillars, which allows us to introduce new connections and insights through our products, as well as a lot of accessible knowledge and inspirations that we believe the world is asking for. Making the wisdom of these three pillars—Ayurveda, TCM, and Anthroposophy accessible is our highest mandate. We approach everything we do through the lens of the overlapping triangle of head, heart, and hands, which is how these three wisdom pillars get translated into the world. Our products, our community, and all of the teachings and exercises we offer are through this lens of three. The outcome is a balanced, energized existence, allowing everyone to step into their full expression, whatever that means to them. I also want to make clear that our approach is distinct and new. We do not represent or espouse the total range of beliefs and practices from any singular tradition. And we neither agree with nor draw influence from the totality of Rudolf Steiner's opinions and beliefs.


As a sacred number, three is a symbol of possibility. In the beginning, there was only darkness. Everything existed as a totality, a great oneness. When light was born from darkness, we had the duality of yin and yang. This polarity played out in the form of day and night (matter and spirit), male and female; these two energies live in all aspects of life phenomena. The beauty of three comes when something is birthed from these two polarities. For example, the present moment moves out of the past and future.

The triangle sits on a stable foundation. Three is a starting point. And there is so much to discover together.


Vinson Fraley photographed in Sodus, New York


Jeneil Williams photographed in the Angeles National Forest, California